Pay modern and safe with your virtual prepaid credit card

wismo is based on virtual prepaid credit cards from our partners and thereby combines an innovative way of paying with highest security.
Your virtual credit card is prepaid, which ensures that you can only spend money if you also actually have money on your card.
Unlike physical cards, you don't need to worry about losing your wismo card and all you need to think of is your smartphone.
Our application ensures that your card data is at no point stored on your smartphone, which makes it significantly safer than a physical card.
Your virtual credit card is issued by our partner Bank and all payments are processed via the trusted standard card network.

Use wismo easily in all three major payment channels

In Stores
To pay with your smartphone in stores via NFC, you simply hold your phone close to a common Card terminal, which initiates the transaction. To confirm your purchase, you comfortably authorize the payment by fingerprint authentication or PIN. That's all!
Already today most retailers have NFC-capable card terminals and by 2018 all terminals have to support NFC.
Among friends
To send/request money to your friends, you can easily choose a friend from your contacts within the wismo app, define the amount of money you would like to transfer, and confirm via fingerprint or PIN. Next to that, you can also chat with your friends and use features like split-the-bill. Peer-to-peer payments are processed instantly, so you don't need to wait for your money with wismo.
To pay with wismo online, you just follow the common credit card checkout process of the site your are shopping on. To view your credit card information, you merely press longer on your virtual card within the wismo app and all required information will be displayed to you. You can now enter your card information online and complete your purchase comfortably within a few clicks.